About Us

At Eclectic Associates, our goal is to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management to help you feel confident about your money and your future. Based in Fullerton, California, we are a Registered Investment Advisor firm providing fee-only, fiduciary services.

As a fiduciary financial advisor, we don’t act in your best interest simply because we are legally obligated to. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

As a fee-only advisory firm, we do not receive commissions or fees from the investments and services we recommend. By refusing compensation other than client fees, we are better able to provide you with unbiased financial advice.

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Our Story

After a career as a successful farmer, Bill Camp followed his lifelong passion for personal finance and founded Eclectic Associates, a comprehensive planning firm, in 1984. Bill realized he could help cultivate clients’ financial peace of mind by helping them with the ever-increasing complexities of their personal finances.

Bill’s son, Carl Camp, joined Eclectic Associates a year later to work alongside his father. Until he retired, Carl was our president for over 25 years, from 1990 to 2016, and thanks to his leadership, the business grew over 10 times larger than when he started. Today, we are a Registered Investment Advisor with a staff of 13, including eight financial advisors.


Our Team

David Little, CFP®, CFA
President, Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Carl Lachman, CFP®, MBA
Vice President, Financial Advisor, Owner

Scott Rojas, CFP®, MBA
Vice President, Financial Advisor, Owner

Russell Hall, CFP®
Financial Advisor, Owner

David MacLeod, CFP®, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Financial Advisor, Owner

Aimee Calderon, CFP®
Financial Advisor

James Moore, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Patricia Buchholtz
Chief Compliance Officer, Paraplanner

Maya Kridner

Cheryl Thompson
Receptionist, Billing Administrator

Amber Rojas
Trader and Paraplanner


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