Fee-Only, Fiduciary Financial Planning
in Orange County


At Eclectic Associates, we believe that you are best served when your financial advice is objective and your fees are transparent. That is why we embrace our role as NAPFA-registered fee-only financial advisors serving clients in Orange County and Los Angeles from our Fullerton office. 

As fee-only advisors, we do not sell products and do not accept commissions or referral fees. What’s more, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put your interests ahead of ours. Our responsibility is not limited to certain services, such as retirement planning. It applies to everything we do for you. Always.

We embrace our fee-only status because it enables us to serve as your financial advocate. By removing many conflicts of interest, we strive to provide unbiased advice in an effort to help you reach your goals.

  • Commission-free advice

  • Transparent fee structure

  • Fiduciary responsibility

  • Your interests first

  • No product sales

  • No referral fees

  • No third-party revenue

  • Our interests second








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